Closing the Loop: Piloting Transitions Series 2.0 (Pilot 2 Spain)

The Closing the Loop – Transitions Lab (TLab) is a 4 sessions training program aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs working in the textile and fashion industry. The program has been developed within the European funded project Transitions that aims to support companies, universities and vocational training in transitioning towards sustainability and digitalization in the textile and fashion sectors.

Join the Closing the Loop conference showcases innovative industries at the forefront of waste reduction, post-use materials, advanced sorting technologies, and extending the lifecycle of textiles. The Closing the Loop TLab aims to raise awareness about the current textile waste landscape, present state of art technologies and strategies for waste management and provide case studies on circular economy practices. The event will conclude with a networking session aimed at fostering collaboration between professionals, academia, and industry stakeholders.


May 9th, Conference

9:30-9:45       Closing the Loop: Presentation: Marina Castan, ELISAVA

9:45-10:15      Traceability from the origin: Pepe Costa, RETEXCYCLE

10:15-10:45    Advanced Sorting Technologies: Silvia Gregorini, PICVISA

10:45-11:15     From waste to product: Esther Alcaraz & Georgina Fabregat, FITEX

11:15-11:30      Coffee break

11:30-12:00    Social and solidary waste management: Eva Ventura, SOLIDANÇA

12:00-12:30    From waste to dye: Michela Masiero, OFFICINA 39

12:30-13:00    The importance of life cycle vision: Elena Badia, INÈDIT

13:00-13:30    Round table

May 16th, Training

10:00-11:00    Systemic Design: Marion Real, IAAC

11:00-12:00    Life Cycle Assessment: Elena Badia, INÈDIT

12:00-12:15    Coffee break

12:15-13:00    Loopholes Toolkit – intro & mapping

13:00-14:00   Loopholes Toolkit – groups

May 23rd, Training

10:00-11:00    Visit Reimagine Textiles

11:00-12:00     Business Models for Sustainable Fashion: Emma Feriche

12:00-12:15      Coffee break

12:15-13:30      Loopholes Toolkit – From preselectes cards to value proposition

13:30-14:00     Next steps and networking

May 30th, Training

9:30-11:30       From Loopholes to Value Proposition – Pitch preparation

11:30-11:45      Coffee break

11:45-12:15      Waste reduction: Núria Nubiola, BACK TO ECO

12:15-12:45     Introduction into sustainable regulations and traceability: David García, MODACC

12:45-13:15     Final presentations of participants and industry

13:15-13:30     Conclusions and feedback