Read and download the public deliverables produced during the project.

D2.1. Mapping textiles and materials and industry 4.0 technology
This report provides the mapping of textiles and materials innovations with a specific focus on the circular transition and the mapping of technology and digital tools for textiles.

Loopholes Toolkit Handbook
The Loopholes handbook provides a summary of the toolkit content and a description of how to play, divided in two rounds.

D2.6 Collaborations Map
This report provides a visualisation of collaboration needs and strategies in the industry for the stakeholders in the textile and fashion sectors.

D2.4 First Term Web (Knowledge Hub) Information Updating
This report aims to present the information that the Transitions project will publish on the website.

D2.2 Mapping market & professionals needs – VET, HEI and Professionals
This report aims to map target and market needs and skills mismatches for a future circular economy transformation.