Focus groups to identify the needs and gaps in the T&F sector

Between February 2023 and October 2023, Transitions partners organized several Focus groups. These groups engaged in face-to-face dialogue and debate with local stakeholders about the present needs and gaps in the textile and fashion sector.

The focus groups organised by the Transitions partners took place as it follows:

  • Next Technology Tecnotessile: 28 February 2023
  • Città Studi: 23 May 2023
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: 22 June 2023
  • New Order of Fashion: July 2023
  • ELISAVA Research / Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia / Catalan Fashion Cluster (Joint Focus Group – Spanish partners): 18 July 2023
  • BORAS STAD/PROTEKO (Joint Focus Group – Swedish partners): 3 October 2023

The focus groups included two sessions:

  • The first session focused on presenting the survey results explained previously in the Online workshop, which took place on January 2023  —to provide participants with an overview of current market needs and skills gaps and eventually trigger the interactive discussion.
  • The second session focused on identifying possible job profiles needed to overcome these gaps and meet market needs. Participants indicated what knowledge, skills and learning outcomes the new “change agent” should have to support a green and digital transition.