Pilot 2 Italy: fiber4ward

In the framework of the Transitions project, Next Technology Tecnotessile and Città Studi – Po.in.tex organised Fiber3Ward (Pilot 2), a program to experiment with new training instruments and methods for companies, students and professionals in the textile and fashion sector.

During the first day of the program, participants put into practice the Loopholes Toolkit, a tool that led participants to develop a greater commitment to circularity. The results of this work then were analysed with staff and companies during the following two online workshops, on the 29th and 31st of May, dealing with specific topics:

  • Advanced textile sorting technologies
  • Circular design strategies
  • Waste reduction
  • Digital product passport
  • Certifications

The program aimed at professionals in the textile and fashion sector, but students and teachers in the fashion sector were also able to participate.


DAY 1 – May 22, 2024 – Co-Design Workshop – in-person session (Biella and Prato)
– The TRANSITIONS project: Toward a circular and digital economy: training needs and innovations in the textile & fashion industry (Giulia Francioni, Next Technology Tecnotessile)
– The RegioGreenTex project: The European project, key recycling technologies and business needs (Paola Fontana, Città Studi – Pointex)
– The RegioGreenTex project: Circular innovation: from gaps in the textile value chain to generating new solutions (Costanza Soffici,  Next Technology Tecnotessile)
– Waste Stream Journey Workshop. The textile waste stream journey – C2C (Lab Service Design, University of Florence)

– From Linearity to Circularity: “Loopholes” & Business Model – Innovative tools to support the identification of circular and sustainable solutions and products (Marco Mossinkoff, HVA)

– Loopholes working session (all)

DAY 2 – May 29, 2024 (Online Webinar)
– Circular Design Strategies in Textiles: Methods and Impacts to Increase Product Longevity (Alessandro Pierattini – Città Studi – Po.in.tex)
– Eco-Design and innovation: some practical examples (Sofia Ferrari – D-House Pattern Group)
– Reducing Waste: Principles and Practices for a Sustainable Fashion Industry (Alessandro Pierattini – Città Studi – Po.in.tex)
– Giving new life to waste: the case study of Ecobulk and Now Let’s go (Noemi Cei – Next Technology Tecnotessile)

DAY 3 – May 31, 2024 (Online Webinar)
– Advanced textile sorting technologies: strategies and future prospects (Andrea Falchini, Next Technology Tecnotessile)
– Waste storage and separation: the Italian Textile Hub case (Francesco Tiezzi, ALIA)
– Sustainability certifications in the textile sector (Leopoldo Corsi – ICEA)
– Extended Producer Responsibility and opportunities for the supply chain, from Product Passport to collection systems (Luca Campadello, ERION)