Bootcamp session and Training the Trainers webinars

In January and February, two training events took place: the hybrid learning boot camp and three Training the Trainers (ToT) webinars.

The boot camp had a focus on launching the Transitions Labs by rediscovering the emerging curriculum and relevant modules of the Transitions project. The workshop aimed to capacitate future facilitators and trainers with the tools and topics developed within the Transitions project, discover the Lab Methodology and apply the Learning Arch Kaospilot tool to envision their first pilot. It helped to start working on the different pilots organised in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

The ToT sessions aimed to create a pool of expert trainers familiar with the Transitions Curricula, approach, and values. The specific objectives were:

  • Introduce the Transitions approach and values.
  • Obtain the skills to employ a range of teaching methodologies, such as the Learning Arches, identified within Transitions.
  • Obtains the skills and strategies necessary for designing and delivering quality training interventions.
  • Acquire basic knowledge of the Kaospilot learning design method & toolkit for curricula development methodology.
  • Understand and adopt codes of ethics for educators.
  • Peer-learning exchanges on contents and approaches.

The program was structured in the following stages:

The ToT equipped the trainers with the tools and topics developed within the Transitions project to implement the Transitions Labs. During these webinars, Transitions partners introduced the project, gave an overview of the teaching methodologies and quality guidelines, and described the Loopholes Toolkit, an innovative fusion of strategy and serious design thinking used to develop the Learning Units, which will form the basis for the innovative training experience of the Transitions Labs.