Pilot 1 Transition Lab Italy

The partners involved in Pilot 1 were Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) and Città Studi, which developed a course for local VET students which focused on Innovative skills and competencies for new sustainable processes and practices in the textile sector.

“Pilot 1 Transition Lab Italy” was designed on the key needs and skills needed to emerge from the textile and fashion companies of the two Italian textile districts (Prato and Biella).  The course was addressed to post-diploma students and ran for 4 classes over 3 weeks in January 2024, touching upon 13 Transitions Learning Units. The course was an opportunity for students to gain new knowledge about sustainable materials and processes in the local supply chain.

The pilot hosted open and stimulating discussions and group work between experts and students. Textile recycling, waste reduction, eco-design, fast fashion, and new digital tools were the core of the discussions during the 4 lessons to provide innovative skills for a transition towards a sustainable textile industry.