Pilot 1 on Sustainable Development in Sweden

Nordic Textile Academy/Proteko held their Pilot 1 on Sustainable development. They joined the Pilot 1 activities with their first-year course HVET Buyer and Designer students in Sustainable Development. This way, they could also test the Transitions curricula and the learning arches method in their natural learning environment.

Over six days, the students worked with three learning arches consisting of 12 learning units. The overall focus was on the circular economy. The learning units were implemented by lectures, workshops, group projects and discussions, study visits, and lectures with invited industry experts and companies.

The students used their newly gained knowledge by developing a circular business model thought Business Model Canvas, incorporating social sustainability, circular design methods, more sustainable materials and production methods, as well as circular business models.

In the coming courses, these students will build on the knowledge gained through the pilot and will be able to implement different aspects of sustainability into their practices.