Piloting Transitions Series 1.0 Spain

In Spain, the inaugural Piloting Transitions Series 1.0 commenced on February 15th with the launch of its initial pilot. The 6-day course introduced the participants to systemic design approaches and circular projects, encouraging them to appropriate local realities, embrace emerging innovative concepts, and foster territorial policies related to innovative education in T&F.

Elisava Research, Fab Lab Barcelona and the Catalan Fashion Cluster structured pilot 1 around two core learning units, “Design for Disassembly” and “From Sustainable to Circular Materials”, derived from the Transitions curriculum based on the Loopholes Toolkit.

Students visited various textile entities in Igualada and Barcelona, focusing these visits on the core Learning Units of Pilot 1: Design for Disassembly with a focus on the visit to Munich Sports, a Spanish brand specialized in sports and fashion shoes, in which students had the opportunity to reimagine the shoe design with a sustainable solution; And From Sustainable to Circular Materials based on the workshop on recycling denim by Back to Eco, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting actions supporting circular fashion.

On the last day, students presented their prototypes, which were created based on the sustainable approaches learned during the workshops led by local experts.