The “Fashion meets Design” WS2 workshop in Eindhoven, part of the Transitions project, took place between June 6th and 8th, 2023.

The workshop evaluated the ongoing redesign process of a designerly game called Loopholes into a toolkit for supporting the transition of the Textile and Fashion industries towards circularity and digitalization. The game aims to support systemic thinking by unpacking systems, understanding sustainability from the perspective of the stakeholders and reflecting on how different strategies can impact their transition.

While the WS1 workshop aimed at evaluating the game, the WS2 workshop focused on evaluating how the Loopholes game can support entrepreneurship. The workshop involved the participants into thinking through the systems they make with, and the possible ways strategic changes can affect such systems. Those participants consisted of project partners, and eight young entrepreneurs interested in building or developing their own businesses based on circularity.

The Toolkit used as workshop materials consisted of: Loopholes gameboard, Strategy Card Deck, Business Canvas, Handbook and Extended content website.

In conclusion of the WS2, the workshop successfully demonstrated that the toolkit being developed in the project supports entrepreneurship. Although further development is needed to develop a new model to replace the traditional business canvas to better support circularity, simple changes like the textual prompts added to the canvas used in the workshop were already helpful to encourage entrepreneurs into thinking through the complexity of systems. Additionally, the strategy cards used in the toolkit showed potential to be employed in different ways that could be explored as types of resources offered by Transitions.


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